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Bulldog and the ISPA award

The Register has brought to the publics attention the hiding of the ISPA 'Best consumer broadband' award on Bulldogs recently revamped website. A total of over 400 signatures have been added to a petition asking the ISPA to revoke the award, but it would appear after a meeting last week between ISPA and Bulldog that mention of the award has gone from the phone lines, and website.

Bulldog has a wide variety of products out in the wild, based on LLU, DataStream and IPStream connections. The last weeks and months have seen more than their fair share of problems for Bulldog users, earlier this week a corner seemed to be turned, and service levels appear to have improved. Though things are not 100% fixed yet, as some people are still reporting longish queue times on the support lines, and connections performing way below average expectations.

We will be continuing to monitor the posts from Bulldog users on our forums, and are encouraged by the improvements that are happening. If Bulldog can resolve the problems and then run a stable service for a few months, much of the damaged reputation is likely to be repaired.


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