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Lixxus offering price capped metered broadband for business

Lixxus has launched a range of business LixxFlex packages that vary in price according to how much you use it each month. The prices appear to be capped at a reasonable level, and offer small businesses whose use of a connection is very variable or simply not too intensive the chance of savings compared to many of the larger ISPs.


Install fee

Monthly fee

LixxFlex 500 £50 £19.99 - £39.99
LixxFlex 1000 £50 £25.99 - £59.99
LixxFlex 2000 £50 £35.99 - £89.99

All three products are based around an up to 20:1 contention connection. The lower price includes 3GB, 4GB and 5GB on the 0.5Mbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps products respectively. It should be noted that to get the lowest price you need to sign up for 12 months and apply until January 2005. The upper price for a product is the maximum cost you will pay in any month, no matter how much you use it. Additionally migration over to the LixxFlex range from other providers is currently free, and conversions from ISDN are free of charge.

The pricing since it is aimed at business users excludes VAT, and as always please do check with the service provider to confirm the pricing.


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