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Networking without the need for unsightly cables

All too often people find that wireless networking works well in the next door room, but in larger houses when three or four walls are in the way, other solutions need to be found. Devolo has joined the growing market of Home Plug hardware, with its MicroLink dLAN starter kit at £99.99. The kit creates an Ethernet bridge using the houses mains wiring.

Using the mains wiring for networking purposes is not totally new, but hardware to do this is generally not easily available. BroadbandStuff is just one of the online retailers selling the kit, which comprises of two adapters that you simply plug into a mains socket, and an Ethernet cable to link two computing devices to the adapters.

We hope to be able to bring a review of the starter kit in the next few weeks. Initial impressions are very good, the kit is truly plug and play, in that no configuration is needed to get going, and the transfer speeds exceed 802.11b at around 5.2Mbps, whereas 802.11b kit generally manages around 4Mbps.


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