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Not a good day for Bulldog...

  • Thursday, September 23, 2004 11:32 AM

Yesterday saw Bulldog coming clean on some aspects of the poor service some users have been experiencing. Unfortunately it seems the problems only got worse last night, at 22:30 on 22nd September the Bulldog status line admitted to a substantial packet loss problem on the Bulldog Backbone that affected all users.

A consistent complaint from Bulldog users is that the status page only ever updates once the problem is resolved, and this seems to another instance of this, Hi-Velocity who have some users on the Bulldog network reported the problem at 8pm, so quite why it took another 2 hours for Bulldog to inform its users is not clear. Lets just hope that Bulldogs newly launched telephone service will have more redundancy built-in.

We believe that their network is back up and running this morning, but very strangely during last nights outage, was one of a few sites that users were able to access, with little or no problems.


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