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'Admin error' to blame for poor Bulldog service

  • Wednesday, September 22, 2004 5:03 PM

The Register has managed to wring a response out of Bulldog over some of the ongoing performance issues with its services.

"Unfortunately, an administrative error meant that capacity Bulldog had anticipated being implemented in late August has been delayed. BT is committed to have this additional capacity provided to Bulldog no later than 4 October.

In the intervening time, some customers whose services are based on IPStream have been experiencing speeds slower than the very high speeds that they have come to expect. Customers whose services are based on DataStream or on Bulldog’s own LLU network are unaffected.

As a result of the IPStream delay, enquiries to Bulldog's customer service team have increased. To meet this additional demand Bulldog has trebled its customer service and technical support teams over the last two months. An additional 30 customer services staff begin working on 22 September. "

Extract from Bulldog statement

As Tim Richardson of The Register points out, it is not clear whose 'admin error' has caused the delay. The delayed BT Central should only affect IPStream based customers, so upgrading this part of the operation is unlikely to resolve other ongoing issues some users have with their DataStream and LLU based services. Bulldog are far from the first ISP to suffer due to a delayed BT Central activation, but after four years most providers have got used to ensuring enough bandwidth is maintained as spare capacity to ensure unforeseen delays do not result in weeks and in some cases months of low speeds.

We welcome the news of the expansion of the call centre, and we hope that the new staff have had sufficient training, otherwise extra staff can result in shorter phone queues, but very little happening in terms of helping customers resolve problems. Putting a hold on new IPStream based orders may help to stem the worsening of the problem until early October when the new capacity should come online.

If Bulldog wants to win back its now slightly battered reputation then there is a lot of work to do. While the statement reads like the problems are all very recent, people who take the time to read our Bulldog BBS section will see that various issues have affected Bulldog users across their product range.


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