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Another 300 LLU exchanges on the way

The rumours have done the rounds, and it seems like someone has finally gone on the record with some figures. NTL are set to expand its broadband network coverage by making use Local Loop Unbundling (LLU), starting in 2005. It would appear they plan to invest between £55m and £65m to unbundle up to 300 exchanges. More details over on the Yahoo Financial News pages.

NTL appears to be using LLU as a way of expanding its network coverage, and the 300 exchanges are likely to cover around 2 million households. It would also mean that around 1000 exchanges may be unbundled across the UK by the end of 2005. Unfortunately for many outside of the urban areas of the UK they are likely to miss out, in fact from the various plans announced it looks likely that the major cities are going to have multiple LLU providers available.


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