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C&W to invest £100 million in LLU services

  • Saturday, September 18, 2004 11:24 AM

C&W look set to spend over £100 million on rolling out Bulldog LLU services to 400 of BT's busiest exchanges in the next 18 months. More details can be found at The Times website. The Cable and Wireless Chief Executive Francesco Caio can be found talking about the expansion plans on C&W's website here.

Bulldogs LLU services recently underwent a makeover, to totally unbundle users lines so that as well as an up to 4Mbps Internet service (may be a lower speed if the line cannot manage 4Mbps), you will also be using Bulldog as your telephone service provider. This means that all calls are billed via Bulldog and no need to pay BT Retail any line rental.

To expand from the current ~35 exchanges to 400 exchanges in 18 months is ambitious, it will double the total number of exchanges unbundled in the UK to around 800 exchanges. Interestingly it would appear that Bulldog are trying to target the heavier Internet users and business users, who are traditionally the type of user Bulldog has attracted. Unfortunately this is not always a smooth ride, as heavier users are often the most demanding in terms of Quality of Service and customer support, something Bulldog is failing to provide at present for what appears to be a significant number of users.

Bulldog are talking of various upgrades and increases in staff numbers to alleviate the current problems, but if they are to expand their LLU coverage by a factor of ten, then many more upgrades should be on the way.


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