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Bulldog users still not happy with provider

Bulldog still appears to be having problems with aspects of its service. While one must expect any ISP to have a number of users with faults at any one time, Bulldog still appear to have a lot of ongoing issues. Some of the problems maybe addressed for users connected using IPStream based connections around 20th/21st September when an upgrade to the BT Centrals Bulldog run is carried out.

The biggest complaint at present appears to be the queuing time to get through to the technical support line at Bulldog. Users are reporting queue times of over two hours, which must surely be considered unacceptable by any company dealing with customers. Users of the service have taken matters into their own hands, and have started an online petition here. The petition is aimed at ISPA who awarded Bulldog the Best Consumer Broadband ISP 2004 title in last years awards, and calls for ISPA to revoke the award based on the very poor level of customer service people are receiving.

Bulldog are believed to be increasing the number of people on the technical support line, for many people this cannot come soon enough. Lets hope that the core problems are also tackled, so that the call volume decreases and people can enjoy their connections once more.


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