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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for August 2004

The long awaited speed test results for August are now ready. Zen Internet has broken Eclipse's three month run at the top spot by increasing their performance by 1.8 Kbps to 455.3 Kbps downstream with a similar rise in upstream performance. Not only has Zen beaten Eclipse to the top spot, has overtaken the previous number one into second place at 451.7 Kbps.






1 Zen Internet 455.3 Kbps 238.3 Kbps 1753
2 451.7 Kbps 237.0 Kbps 1104
3 Eclipse Internet 451.1 Kbps 237.0 Kbps 1638
4 Wanadoo UK 449.6 Kbps 234.2 Kbps 3001
5 449.5 Kbps 235.3 Kbps 1566
6 PlusNet plc 446.7 Kbps 234.0 Kbps 1575
7 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 443.8 Kbps 231.0 Kbps 965
8 BT Broadband & BT Yahoo! 443.1 Kbps 231.5 Kbps 5385
9 PIPEX Internet Limited 441.4 Kbps 230.4 Kbps 3973
10 Demon 437.8 Kbps 229.4 Kbps 645

Demon Internet has climbed back into the top ten as Supanet didn't reach the required number of test results to qualify for the list. Nildram and Wanadoo have risen within the top ten into fifth and fourth position from ninth and eighth respectively.

The top ten average downstream speed reduced by 3.5 Kbps downstream and 1.3 Kbps upstream with the top-to-bottom gap widening from 10.1 Kbps to 17.5 Kbps downstream. One notable fall is Pipex from sixth position at 449.7Kbps to 441.4Kbps with a comparable fall in upstream speed. These seem to have been caused by some temporary routing issues which appear to be resolved.

We would always remind users that you should select an ISP based on a variety of information available and not to rely solely on speed test results, not least a single set of results. Previous months' results can be found here [seb]


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