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Bulldog launches Broadband/Telephony packages

Bulldog has taken an interesting change in direction with its ADSL products, now on its LLU exchange if you take a Bulldog @active service you will also be taking Bulldogs telephony service.

This change to sell a combined telephone service and ADSL service is a brave move for Bulldog. The Bulldog telephone service does not support CPS, and with the recent broadband service problems and extended support queues for customer support there will be many questioning Bulldogs ability to support a crucial service like telephony.

For consumers Bulldog now has three product groups:

  1. AllTime for exchanges that are not unbundled, your telephone service remains with BT. It would not appear to be an option on the LLU exchanges.
  2. Bulldog [email protected], £40 per month gives you your 4Mbps ADSL connection, and the Bulldog telephone service. £60 for line transfer, £120 for a new line activation.
  3. Bulldog [email protected], £52 per month which includes 4Mbps ADSL, and free calls to UK landlines. £60 for line transfer, £120 for a new line activation.

Given that prior to this revamp of Bulldogs product range, the 4Mbps LLU service was just £30/month, it would seem that Bulldog are charging £10 per month for a basic telephone package and £22/month for the free calls package. So in terms of costs savings it is really down to checking the call tariffs and comparing to what you would currently pay. Of course there is no line rental that needs to be paid to BT Retail as it is a fully unbundled line, but the price rises almost wipe this saving out. Until 30th September 2004, a promotion is running offering reductions for the first three months of service of up to 50%.

Time will tell whether a package like this appeals to the consumer market, the UK has a highly competitive set of CPS services that people with a BT phone line can take advantage of. Existing Bulldog users would appear to be unaffected by the changes, as even if you have LLU now, you would need to change from a shared unbundled line, to a fully unbundled line.


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