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BT Openworld commissions survey? [TheRegister]

TheRegister has recently reported that BT Openworld claims its 20,000 customers (well almost--they expect to get there this week) are happy with the service. BTOW commissioned the independent report in order to better understand the problems which showed that 78% of their customers were happy with the overall service.

The results of the independent survey and the ADSLguide Installation Survey which many of our users (including 260 of BT Openworld's users) fill in show a strong degree of similarity. 72% of our surveys show the installation of ADSL was 'on-time'. With such a small sample size, there is scope for error, but it confirms that BT Openworld's major problems are related to installation, something that may possibly be attributed to BT Ignite.

TheRegister article in full here


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