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Hurry up and wait for your regrades

BT Wholesale has hit a snag this week with the stampede of users wanting to get their service regraded from 0.5Mbps to 1Mbps. Our forums have a scattering of users who have lost service after the regrade was suppossed to happen, generally they can sync with the exchange but get no further.

The problem appears to stretch back to a systems failure on Monday, BT Wholesale is working to clear the backlog, but with what is likely to have being a busier than usual week this may take a few days. If you have regraded and cannot connect we suggest you contact your ISP to log the problem.

Update 11:32am Friday 10/09/04: Indications from BT are that some 10,000 customers have being affected by the problems this week with BTs systems. BT and serveral ISPs are reporting that the systems are working again, but how long the backlog will take to clear is not known currently. Source: The Register.


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