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Bulldog biting the hand that feeds it

Bulldog users on our forums have been posting today about problems with not being able to connect to Bulldogs authentication servers again. It would appear that an upgrade scheduled to happen on Monday night/Tuesday morning has gone ahead, but not totally smoothly.

At 6:41pm on 7th September (Tuesday), after a whole day of waiting for official news Bulldog updated its status page with the following "Certain Option 3 (Datasteam) customers, Since the engineering work last night, most users are seeing much improved ltency (sic) and throughput. However, links to some exchanges are failing to pass traffic. We are working with BT to resolve this problem as soon as possible."

Whether just Datastream based customers are still affected is unclear, since some LLU based customers are still complaining of poor performance and flaky connections. The status message for Monday indicated that users on the Fleet and Soho exchanges would be affected by the upgrade but problems have also been reported at Stratford, Pimlico, West Kensington, Reading, Watford, Cheltenham and Shepherds Bush to name the ones users have posted. One user got so bored of waiting in the telephone queues they actually turned up at Bulldogs offices.

As with the previous weeks failed upgrade, it is not entirely clear what the upgrade is meant to achieve, some users believe it is actually to move some users from the Datastream based services onto the BT IPStream based services. We will endeavour to contact Bulldogs Press Agency for an official position on the problem in the morning.

Update 12:30pm 8th September: Bulldogs status webpage suggests that they have resolved the problems with their Datastream customers. Unfortunately experiences of users suggests that not all Datastream customers have had a good quality of service restored. In an email from Bulldog one user has been told that customers with a static IP address will still be experiencing problems. The support line is also still experiencing long delays, probably due to the number of people actually having problems.


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