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Ofcom sets new number range for Voice over Broadband

Ofcom published on 6th September documents detailing its approach to regulating the emerging Voice over Broadband (VoB)/ Voice over IP services (VoIP). The headline item is that the number range 056 will be used to identify a VoB phone line, though people should have the option of geographic numbers in the range 01 and 02, e.g. so you don't have to change your telephone number.

Crucially Ofcom is undergoing a consultation period with providers on what requirements should be included in the provision of VoIP services. For example should a guarantee of access to 999 calls be made, though this would also need some degree of guarantee on the broadband line also used.

Voice comms over Internet connections has been around for many years now, but with the advent of affordable broadband connections it is much better quality and potentially much simpler to use.


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