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V21 enters the budget price war

V21 is now offering a 0.5Mbps service with unlimited bandwidth for £16.99 per month. We assume that this includes VAT.

The service is available with a monthly contract for a £69.99 activation fee, or an annual contract with £58.75 activation fee. Support is unfortunately available via a premium rate phone number costing £1 per minute, but a Gold support option is available at £2 per month which gives access to a national rate number.

The competition at the low end of the market, would appear to be making it harder to choose an ISP, due to all the options involved. The profusion of high cost support numbers is concerning, as it is all to easy to spend £10-£20 for a relatively simple support query. Memories of the competition between providers back in 1999/2000 when unmetered dial-up exploded come flooding back.


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