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Westell ProLine 6000 ADSL modem/router/bridge reviewed

Our latest review covering the Westell ProLine 6000 can be found here. The 6000 is a device with many capabilities, since as well as been a ADSL modem/router providing NAT services, it can be used as an Ethernet modem, Multi-NAT router, or NON-NAT router.


It is also one of the first units we have reviewed that has the option to prioritise the ACK packets for downstream traffic (Turbo TCP mode). This helps to maintain the downstream speeds, even if the upstream side of the ADSL line is saturated with traffic.

In the next few weeks we also hope to be able to bring you reviews of:

  • BT 1250 Wireless Modem/Router
  • Belkin F5D7630-4A Wireless Modem/Router
  • Linksys WAG-54G Wireless Modem/Router
  • D-Link DSL-300T Modem
  • US Robotics 9106 Wireless Modem/Router
  • 3Com WL-540A Wireless Modem/Router
  • Zyxel 653-HWI Wireless Modem/Router


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