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ADSL at almost pocket money levels

It seems almost impossible, but ADSL4Less are offering a £16.44 (inc VAT) per month 0.5Mbps service with 1GB cap, and £17.61 per month for an unlimited 0.5Mbps product. It is believed the pricing includes VAT.

Their website is very scarce on detail about the service. It has a simple monthly contract, and the standard £58.75 activation fee. ISPReview has some clues to how the service is so cheap, it would appear to be a loss leader to build up a 35,000 customer base.

It appears from ISPReview that the pricing on their website is actually excluding VAT, we have shown the including VAT pricing to make comparisons easier. Other slightly worrying things, are the lack of contact details, such as companies registered address and support telephone numbers. Some posters have noted various links with HotChilli, it is believed that ADSL4Less are actually resellers of the HotChilli ADSL service.


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