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ISPA finds it is good to talk to BT

The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) had a meeting with BT Wholesale on the 1st September 2004 to discuss the price increases in the BT IPStream Office services.

The meeting was used to raise concerns many ISPs have with the proposed new pricing on BT IPStream Office products, which may see price rises of upto 32%. The impact is likely to be felt largely by the smaller ISPs who often specialise in providing broadband to small businesses.

""I am encouraged by BT's sympathetic response on this issue. BT recognises how important appropriate pricing of IPStream is to ISPA's SME ISP members and communicated a concern for its IPStream clients. ISPA's solid research was the basis of an extremely effective representation to BT and we look forward to an even more positive meeting with BT later this month."

Jessica Hendrie-Liaño, Chair of the ISPA Council

It would seem the meeting was encouraging but no concrete news, hopefully more progress can be made at the next meeting. This issue is set to show exactly how the UK regulator Ofcom is trying to regulate the UK market, and what degree of freedom BT Wholesale has to act when pressured by its customer base. Part of the problem is that traditionally Ofcom appears to have paid attention to the big players, or the loudest complainers, ignoring the smaller players.


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