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Holiday season over at Bulldog

Bulldog is not having a good time at present, it would seem their phone lines have gone into melt-down. Users are reporting on our forums that the Bulldog Customer Service Department was closed till 10am, but queues of 26 minutes were still happening after 10am.

Bulldog issued some news for its customers on Tuesday about a failed migration to a new 'broadband server'. This upgrade resulted in people not been able to connect at all, and therefore the old server was restored. Currently we are seeing posters with problems on IPStream, DataStream and their LLU products, which is at odds with comments by Bulldog that performance issues are now resolved and back to normal.

Most ISPs hit a patch of poor performance every couple of years, but for many Bulldog users highly variable performance has been an issue for months, both in terms of latency and download speeds. One shouldn't expect leased line performance from an ADSL line, but we are seeing people reporting that their connection is now slower at 2 or 4Mbps with Bulldog than their previous 0.5Mbps ADSL ISP.

We wish Bulldog the best of luck in resolving the problems promptly, in the mean time we will be keeping an eye on the general level of performance. Many people are watching and hoping their LLU roll-out does take off, because the prospect of 4Mbps at £30 is very attractive, but at present many people would find it hard to recommend it to a friend.


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