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C&W shows the ironic side of humour

C&W has issued a press release that suggests someone in the company has a sense of humour. The release was titled "Britain becoming an 'Impatience Nation'". The funny part is that the last couple of weeks has seen Bulldog users on a cross-section of their products including LLU experiencing problems. Which in turn has led to more problems as the phone queues for support got ever longer and peoples patience shorter. The top five listed irritations in the C&W survey are:

  1. automated answering services (‘Press 1 for A, Press 2 for B' etc) (19%)
  2. telephone hold ‘muzak' (18%)
  3. not knowing how long you might have to wait (17%)
  4. counter staff carrying on casual conversations while serving customers (15%)
  5. slowness of internet connection (13%)

Bulldog updated its status on Thursday 26th August (a copy is available here), though this was some days after users had started to experience problems, and for some users it has been weeks with ongoing issues. The big question facing users now, is whether the improvements will be noticeable, and what will be the real effect of the statement "Bulldog is experiencing high network demand" on most users. The popularity of a 4Mbps for £30/month in Central London appears to be causing Bulldog to stretch at the seams a bit. Hopefully C&W can spare some money from its surveys to fund network expansion.


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