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Wanadoo drops 0.5Mbps from product range

In a move look set to drive up the average ADSL line speed, Wanadoo as part of its price changes earlier in the week has removed the 0.5Mbps from its product portfolio. Now they just sell a 1Mbps service, with three bandwidth allowance options.

Existing 0.5Mbps users need not worry, your service will continue, but new customers will only have a 1Mbps option. If a customers line proves to be outside the new specifications for a 1Mbps line (due to change 6th September), then Wanadoo will provision a 0.5Mbps line. The number failing the new 60dB 1Mbps limit should be less than around 10% of lines.

This move to increase line rates while at the same time reducing prices makes the 0.15Mbps and 0.25Mbps services offered by Tiscali and some other providers look like antiques. There have also been calls from some service providers for BT Wholesale to widen its product portfolio and allow providers access to full-rate ADSL, i.e. up-to 8Mbps downstream and up-to 1Mbps upstream. The 2Mbps limit that has existed since 2000 on BT Wholesale products is starting to look a bit old.


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