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List of exchanges affected by RFS delays released

BT Wholesale published to the service providers on 20th August 2004, the full list of exchanges where users will have or are experiencing delays with their ADSL order. The full list of 46 exchanges is located in our announcements forum here.

The delays have apparently been brought about by a combination factors which include the ad-hoc nature of the geographic locations, which can result in the various teams involved wasting time traveling to and from sites. Also with August been the most popular time for holidays, it is likely to have had some impact. For a number of the exchanges the delays are already over, and it should be business as usual, though some people are still going to experience delays.

Once we are into the September phase of the roll-out, things should improve since the number of exchanges enabled per week should dip below the current 70 per week down to a more manageable level, and the planned roll-out will reduce the amount of wasted travel time.


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