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Wanadoo upsetting the cosy apple cart?

Wanadoo has gone ahead with what the smaller ISP Freedom2Surf did in June 2004. Namely to offer a up-to 1Mbps service at under £20. The Wanadoo service is priced at £17.99 per month (inc VAT) with a 2GB allowance. Two further tiers of service exist, 6GB allowance for £22.99 and 30GB for £27.99. A free USB ADSL modem and free connection is included in all the packages too.

The pricing reflects the simple fact that with the new capacity based charging by BT Wholesale, that 0.5Mbps costs the same as 2Mbps, the difference is the amount you download/upload during the month. With 95% of users downloading less than 5GB in a month, the Wanadoo limits should be suitable for all but the ultimate power user. The change in reach limits on 6th September 2004, also mean a lot more people will be able to receive a 1MBps service

At the very least this new pricing offers users a £7/month saving, and more depending on how much you download. The 2GB limit is equivalent to around between three or six hours a day of web surfing.

Wanadoo has now addressed the problems of people wanting to share their connection around the house. While sharing a USB ADSL modem is perfectly possible, it means one PC must be left on for the others to have access. Wanadoo has now launched its own wireless ADSL modem/router - the LiveBox. Priced at £79.99 it is a competitive price for an 802.11g wireless unit, and includes one wireless USB adapter. The unit will be central to the Wanadoo expansion plans to offer VoIP and video services over ADSL. The LiveBox is keyed into the Wanadoo service so will not work with other providers.


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