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Bulldog resellers left with nothing to sell

In what appears to be a very unusual and possibly counter-productive move Bulldog appears to have stopped reselling its LLU and Datastream based products to other providers. The rumour was flying around the industry last week, but on Sunday Anthony Bennett, a sales director of Hi-Velocity spoke to about the issue. We hope to be able to get clarification from Bulldog on the situation as soon as possible.

As yet nothing has been confirmed by Bulldog. No-one should lose their connection over this, existing connections via Bulldogs resellers should continue to work. But companies like Mailbox Internet, Hi-Velocity and Fusion Media Network will now have a much smaller product portfolio, since Bulldogs 4Mbps ADSL, and 2+2 SDSL product are not available for resell.

The reasons for Bulldog becoming a retail only operation are probably linked to the purchase by C&W a few months ago, and the recent re-vamping of their own retail lines. Bulldog is in the odd position that for consumers the only product available on its LLU exchanges is a 4Mbps ADSL service, which while a welcome advance in broadband speed will certainly not be available to the same number of households on an exchange as a 0.5Mbps service.

BT is considered to have significant market power in the Wholesale ADSL sector, Bulldogs move in the last few days has just increased that power slightly. One could contend that Bulldogs move shows abuse of their market position, since the number of providers selling an LLU service has just plummeted, and there is no real alternative.


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