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Bulldog offers 2Mbps SDSL for £160 a month

Bulldog looks set to attract the business of companies in the Central and West London areas, since they are now offering symmetric DSL (i.e. 2Mbps in both directions) from £160/month. The product has the catchy title of Bulldog 2&2. Line and activation fees total £250, with options of a managed installation including equipment starting at £400.

For businesses in the catchment area of Bulldogs LLU network, there is also the option of Bulldog 4 Professional with a 4Mbps downstream, and 400kbps upstream, which is just £40 per month. Bulldog 4 Professional also has a special offer of the first three months service at £30, and an activation fee of just £1.

Todays news does also bear some forward looking snippets for people waiting on network expansion by Bulldog. Coverage from Bulldogs LLU network is to expand significantly before the end of the year, and Bulldog 2&2 will be available across the UK from early in 2005. So it looks like LLU expansion is planned, just a case of precisely where and when now.


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