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BT Wholesale announce pricing for Home 250 service

BT Wholesale has published on its ServiceView website the pricing for the BT IPStream Home 250 product, which is £12.25+VAT per month. The pricing is due to come into effect on 1st September 2004.

The wholesale price of Home 500 using the standard charging model is £13+VAT, so Home250 offers ISPs a saving of just 75p per month. So at the retail level we might see 250kbps products at perhaps a pound lower per month than the equivalent 0.5Mbps service. The Home 250 product is expected to be installed to the same loss limits as Home 500.

Many critics of BT have said the product is a waste of time, and with a price just 75 pence less than something twice as fast one must tend to agree. Apparently from previous comments by BT Wholesale, the Home 250 product is at the request of providers.


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