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5.8GHz wireless on its way to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland looks set to be the place with the most available broadband coverage. The news of the increases in limits for the ADSL services are one step, another was the roll-out of ADSL to many exchanges and finally what is probably the last piece of the puzzle, a wireless service for the region.

BT has chosen the Alvarion 5.8GHz BreezeACCESS VL kit, signing a £500,000 deal with the company according to ZDNet UK. The regulations on the 5.8GHz band are due to be revamped later in the year, which means the service may also end up been used in other areas of the UK were ADSL will not reach. Additionally the 5.8GHz band is the host of the much hyped WiMax standard, with Alvarion suggesting support for the standard in another year.

Taking up one quote from the ZDNet article, "Northern Ireland is the first place to adopt radio [broadband]" which was made by BT press officer Ross Cook. Unfortunately Northern Ireland is not the first with wireless in the UK, there are a number of both commercial and community based services already available. It may be a first for BT with a commercial roll-out though.


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