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News at last for Blagdon and West Harptree

Blagdon and West Harptree, two exchanges which recently missed their original RFS date have had new RFS dates announced of 17th November 2004.

These two exchanges are actually awaiting the completion of the same cable, which is expected to be done by 31st October 2004. The delay is due to a 700m length of ducting required along a single lane road that apparently is used as a 'rat run' to Bristol for the Fire Brigade Service. This means that BT will have had to wait for a road closure date from the local council before it can go ahead with the work on this section.

Wylam was another exchange that has had delays, in this case it is down to a number of duct blockages on a 300m long duct which is part of a 3.8km spur between Prudhoe and Ryton. In one case the blockage is under a railway track. Due to these problems an alternate solution has been sought, which will utilise a cable between Lemington and Stanford, which was not due to be completed until a later date. No new RFS date has been released yet, but current projections are that the main cabling work will be finished by the end of October, then it is just a case of how long the remaining works will take.


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