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Providers launch voluntary code of practice for migrations

In a move which will hopefully make the migration process smoother with the new MAC number system, a Code of Practice for service providers has been launched. The Code of Practice was arrived at via an industry working group as a self-regulatory initiative. Currently 16 service providers have signed up, who encompass around 70% of the ADSL market. Obviously no service provider likes customers to leave, but if providers obstruct that process there is a risk the regulatory authorities could impose their own rules on providers, hence this voluntary scheme.

The new migration process currently only supports, IPStream to IPStream, Datastream to LLU and IPStream to LLU migrations. Enhancements to allow migrations between IPStream and Datastream products are expected in the near future. The code of practice boils down to three main points:

  1. A customer wishing to change their service provider must first contact their existing service provider to agree termination of the existing service contract and obtain an authorisation code.
  2. The existing service provider will send the authorisation code within 5 working days and will provide information about the validity period of that code.
  3. The customer must present the authorisation code to the provider they wish to migrate to before the new service can be connected.

The full Code of Practice can be found on the Ofcom site here.

The sixteen service providers who have signed upto the code of practice are: AOL, BT Retail & BT Yahoo!, Bulldog, Easynet, InterVivo, LCC Communications Ltd, Mailbox Internet, Netplan Internet Solutions, Nildram (Accent UK), Spitfire, Telefonica UK, Thus (Demon Internet), Uniworld Communications Ltd,, VNL (Video Networks Ltd - HomeChoice), Wanadoo UK plc.


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