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Migration overhaul takes place

BT Wholesale has been running trials with several service providers taking part to improve the whole migration process between IPStream providers or migrations from IPStream or Datastream to LLU. The new process uses a Migrations Authority Code (MAC) number rather than the old CBUK numbers, and started at the end of the July 2004. The old CBUK is now an invalid migration path, and BT Wholesale will reject migrations based around the CBUK system now.

The MAC number system should be simpler for end-users and avoid a lot of the buck passing of the old system, e.g. emails getting lost between ISPs and BT Wholesale. The MAC number is given to the end-user when they request it from their existing ISP, obviously if the user is still in contract etc then the ISP may refuse to provide a number. Once you have the MAC number you hand this over to the ISP you wish to join, who then submit a migration order to BT Wholesale, the MAC number is used to confirm you are allowed to migrate.

The end-user should be informed of the 24 hour window during which the migration will take place, and warned about a short break in service during that time frame.

As with all new processes there is bound to be a few weeks when ISPs are confused and their call centres have not been briefed, so be patient if at all possible. We will as usual for new processes run a list of which providers are up and running with the new system. If you have any concerns about the new process then visit our forums where you are likely to find others asking similar questions, and hopefully people with some answers.

A list of the providers known to be supporting the new scheme is available here.


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