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Telewest Global Inc - demand for broadband

The Register has details on the latest financial results from Telewest. Telewest completed its restructuring exercise on July 15th, with Telewest Global Inc becoming the new parent company of the Telewest Group. The PDF document detailing their full results can be downloaded from here.

New broadband subscriptions is the success story of the last three months, with Telewest attracting 72,000 new customers in that period. This means as of 30th June 2004, they have 538,000 broadband Internet customers. Apparently this growth has been driven by demand for its 256kbps product, which while on the slow side, does make for a cheaper entry point into the world of a permanent Internet connection.

With ADSL and cable broadband connections growing rapidly, the UK broadband picture looks a lot rosier than in previous years. Lets hope Telewests restructuring will allow to expand some more in the near future.


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