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DSL Forum working to advance DSL

The DSL Forum is a body made up of over 200 leading industry players, whose aim is to advance the take-up and technical abilities of DSL. Membership is open to service providers, vendors, suppliers, for example Bulldog and Kingston Telecoms are all current members.

While the work of the group seems very far and distant from what most UK ADSL users do, the DSL Forum will have laid the ground work many years ago. Currently they are working on standards to make both local and remote configuration of xDSL hardware by users and service providers much simpler. Another topic is the DSLHome which the forum is exploring to show both what can actually be done with xDSL, but also to develop easier to use systems so every house does not need a resident geek to use the hardware.

Of particular note especially in view of the plans to extend the reach of ADSL in the UK is the TR-067 plan announced some weeks ago. This plan is an "ADSL Interoperability Testing Plan", the aim been to ensure that ADSL hardware will work well with all other hardware, and defines benchmarks for manufacturers to test kit with.

Their website is also a treasure trove of information and technical papers for those wanting to do some research into ADSL. For a much simpler overview of DSL, they also run a consumer site at


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