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Broadband Voice offers from BT

BT has made a round of price cuts on its Broadband Voice service. Broadband Voice is a VoIP service that uses hardware you plug into your existing broadband connection and allows you to use a normal handset independent of any software on a computer. It also comes with its own telephone number, making it an ideal substitute for renting a second phone line from a provider. More details on the service are at

The service carries a monthly fee, and this varies according to the call package you select, there is a choice of two:

  1. Broadband Voice Anytime Plan @ £14/month, this offers calls to landline and other BroadbandVoice customers for free, so long as the call is shorter than an hour. Mobile and International calls are at BT Together rates.
  2. Evening and Weekend Plan @ £6.50/month, offers free calls again, but only at weekends and evenings. During the day calls are charged at the BT Together rates.

Customers who use the BT Retail BT Broadband service are also entitled to free rental for the first three months of the service between 1st July and 31st October 2004. The service carries a 12 month minimum term. Additionally the two plans are reduced to £13 and £5.50 respectively (all prices include VAT).

Unfortunately BT Broadband Basic and BT Yahoo! Broadband customers are excluded from the reductions. So ensure you double check whether your connection qualifies you for the discounts if the savings sway your decision to purchase.

The cost of the call packages is not that far removed from some CPS providers, but it is a cheap way of obtaining a second line, e.g. for home/office. It will be interesting to see what level of take-up there has been for the growing number of VoIP services in 12 months time.


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