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New DSL filter for premises with Alarms

The mixture of a property alarm that is linked to a phone line, and an ADSL line has been a recipe for confusion until now. Alarm manufacturers and installers now have the option of the Excelsus Z-A431EU ADSL Alarm filter which is specifically designed for use with alarm panels.

The filter features screen down connections, and supports the line-seizure and cut-line protection features of alarm panels. It is also the first filter that is apparently compatible to the new EU EN50131 standard, which defines a European set of standards for alarm systems.

The Z-A431EU comprises of three filters, a low pass filter to protect the alarm panel from DSL interference, another low pass filter to protect the DSL from impedance changes in the alarm panel. Finally a high pass DSL filter to ensure DSL service even during an alarm call. The last one is useful if using the DSL service to broadcast CCTV footage off-site.

The filter is intended for sale to alarm manufacturers and service providers/distributors, rather than directly to the public. This ensures that where the filters are fitted they comply with the insurance/alarm requirements. The distributor for Excelsus Technologies is Focus EDL who can be contacted on +441702 542301 where James Watkins is the DSL Product Coordinator.


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