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First quarter results from BT Group

The BT Group has published its first quarter results for 2004, the full details can be read at The highlights for the ADSL community are that there was at the end of June 2004, 2.7 million BT Wholesale ADSL lines in the UK, generating a turnover of £186 million. The turnover is double the amount of 12 months ago.

The grip of BT Retail in the retail sector for ADSL appears to be slackening, BT Retail with its BT Broadband and BT Yahoo! ranges had 1,102,000 connections, or a 40.8% market share. This would indicate that at the retail level there is strong competition in what is still a rapidly growing market place. The growth is staggering compared to a couple of years ago, the last quarter saw 36,000 new connections per week.

We would hope the next 12 months will sustain this rate of growth, and as broadband in all its forms becomes more common in the UK we are likely to see more services offered that exploit its advantages. BT Wholesale themselves look set to do their part to ensure the market keeps growing, with a 2Mbps service aimed at the home market in development. Additionally the Milton Keynes long reach trial is getting closer to ending. We are hoping to see an announcement on the results of the trial within the next few weeks, indications are very favourable that the reach of the 0.5Mbps will be greatly extended. We also expect to see a change to the 1Mbps service limits, something that has been rumoured for some time.


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