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More growth in LLU sector

A Danish company called Updata look set to increase their presence in the UK LLU market. Currently they have eight exchanges unbundled and providing SDSL services to local councils and other public sector premises. Their first exchange was unbundled in September 2003, in the county of Dorset. They plan to have 100 exchanges unbundled by the end of the year. More details can be found at The Register.

A very encouraging quote was made by Updata's director Vic Baldorino, "There is no mystery surrounding LLU or its pricing. We can quote an affordable cost per exchange and per line on symmetrical services from 1-100MB. LLU allows new assets to be built and we're keen to unbundle in areas of the UK that other providers will be reticent to touch." Hopefully this means that companies in the UK outside the major urban areas now have a good shot at getting the SDSL services that many are starting to need.

For the last few years the standard upstream of ADSL has been fine for small business users. This is changing, as more companies make use of VPNs and home working the need for the central office to have sufficient bandwidth for a few remote workers is increasing and as always companies want to keep overheads as low as possible.


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