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Freedom2Surf launch business SDSL services

Freedom2Surf has joined the SDSL club, offering a range of SDSL services to business users. SDSL is a symmetric DSL service, that does away with the normal voice part of a phone line to allow higher upstream speeds upto 2Mbps currently in the UK.

The service is designed to be a cheaper than leased line replacement, and offers two main options; 1Mbps at £225+VAT per month and 2Mbps at £292+VAT per month both at 5:1 contention. An uncontended 1:1 service is available as an option. When one remembers that a 2Mbps leased line can set a business back anywhere between £800 and £1300 per month, one can see the attraction of SDSL.

SDSL is currently only available on around 300 exchanges, to find out if your business is connected to one of these, use the BT Wholesale checker available here.


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