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BT Wireless revamps OpenZones pricing

BT Wireless Broadband who run the BT OpenZones Wi-Fi hot spots service in the UK has revamped its pricing range. The new tariffs are meant to make it simply for users of the service, both the occasional and the people who use it every day.

The new tariffs are:

  • Monthly subscription: A fee of £25+VAT per month which includes 4000 inclusive minutes per month. After the inclusive minutes are used, extra minutes are charged at 10p per minute upto a price cap of £60. The key is that the price is capped, but not the usage, so heavy business users using more than 4600 minutes in the month will just be billed £85.
  • Pay As You Go: A simple 20p (+VAT) per minute tariff, which is billed monthly.
  • Top Up Vouchers: A selection of vouchers priced at £6/£10/£40 (inc VAT) purchased in advance, which allow 1 hour, one day or 30 days access. The 30 day voucher includes 4000 minutes of access.

The tariffs should cater for the hardcore business traveler, through to someone just wanting to pass an hour or two while waiting for their holiday flight at Gatwick. If you have no idea where the Hot Spots are located visit

Eclipse Internet only last week announced it was the first ISP to partner with BT to allow use of its OpenZone access points. The aim been to offer Eclipse users roaming access on the BT OpenZone network. Further details are expected when the partnership is fully launched and ready for use.


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