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Lixxus offers full Pay-as-you-Go service

Lixxus has possibly upset the apple cart with a new pricing plan. 0.5Mbps and 1Mbps services are available at £0.00 per month, with users just per paying per MB for everything they download/upload. The cost works out at about £0.00225 and £0.05 per MB (MegaByte).

Once you actually do some sums on the cost of using the service it is not too attractive £16.97+VAT (£19.95 inc VAT) for just 1GB of usage in a month, and which rises to £25+VAT (£29.37 inc VAT) at which point the meters are turned off. A simple usage chart can be found here.So the service really only offers savings to the end-user if you are a low user, or tend to be away from the connection for weeks at a time.

It seems as each week goes by, the UK ADSL market starts to look more and more like the mobile phone market with its myriad of price plans. If Lixxus only attracts users who perhaps logon for just one hour per month, then there is a real risk that they will lose money on the product. Though they are charging £70+VAT for installation, which seems a bit steep for a low cost product.


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