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Half price SDSL activation offer from BT Wholesale

In a move to try and increase demand for SDSL services BT Wholesale is cutting the cost of activation for its SDSL services from £450 to £255. The offer applies to all SDSL orders completed by February 24th 2005 and takes effect from October 21st 2004.

The long lead time for this offer is due to the 90 day notification period to Ofcom that is required for changes to BT DataStream Symmetric products.

SDSL services are symmetric in nature, offering options of 0.5Mbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps for both upstream and downstream traffic. Also the BT IPStream services are only contended at upto 10:1, the Datastream version is under the control of the provider. This means that the costs are prohibitive for most home users, but the symmetric and low contention nature makes them an attractive proposition for small businesses who have outgrown the standard 256kbps upstream of ADSL services.

To find out if you can get SDSL broadband, visit the BT Wholesale site here. A map of the SDSL enabled exchanges can be found on at


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