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Bulldog move to simplify product range

At a time when many service providers are starting to launch products with a bewildering number of variants, Bulldog is doing the opposite and cutting down its product range. As of today, the PrimeTime product range will no longer be sold, existing PrimeTime customers will continue to be supported.

The gap in the product range is filled by the AllTime product range which has 0.5Mbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps options, costing £20, £30 and £40 per month respectively (prices include VAT). In the Central London area, Bulldog 4 is available from Bulldogs LLU network at just £30/month, and its business variant Bulldog 4 Professional is £40/month plus VAT. The AllTime 1000/2000, Bulldog4 and Bulldog 4 Professional products currently have a £10 off per month offer for the first three months of service, if a 12 month contract is ordered before the end of July 2004. The AllTime 500 service has a choice of free activation or one months free service.

Getting rid of the PrimeTime products may help Bulldog, as the 'time of day' feature would often figure in our forums, as not always working as expected. Cynics will also note that this move means Bulldog does not have as cheap an entry point as before, possibly this reflects on the sustainability of things like a 2Mbps unmetered connection for £25, even if during the day it would be curbed back to 0.5Mbps.

We look forward to Bulldog expanding its LLU network, and giving more of the UK the option of its 4Mbps service. Though the Bulldog 4 product is a bone of contention for existing Bulldog users at present, as there is no simple migration path at this time.

Update 22nd July 2004: A reader has pointed out that the block of 8 static IP addresses option has also been removed from the Bulldog home user range.


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