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Jamelia and Wanadoo in an unplugged session

Wanadoo held a secret gig today, at which Jamelia played three of her latest hits. The gig was to launch the Wanadoo Broadband Gateway for UK homes. The Livebox is a wireless home gateway, not unlike many other units, allowing you to connect multiple devices using Ethernet, wireless (802.11b & 802.11g), and Bluetooth. The Jamelia set which included her latest single 'See It In a Boy's Eyes' will be webcast online on Tuesday 20th July at

The Livebox is intended to be a true broadband gateway, since as well as offering connection sharing at its launch in August, within a few months VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) support will be added, followed eventually by TV on Demand. The box itself is being rolled out across Europe, which means it is central to the plans Wanadoo has for broadband around Europe. In the UK there has been many comments from Wanadoo (and Freeserve previously) about LLU, but at todays launch the tone from Eric Abensur, Wanadoo CEO conveyed the conviction that LLU via Wanadoo will be happening.

The Livebox unit itself will only work on the Wanadoo service, and is intended to be as simple as possible to set-up and is aimed at the sizable chunk of the market that have two or more PCs at home, apparently around 53% of broadband users fit this category. Or simply those who want the freedom of wireless access or want to get their games console online, the inclusion of Bluetooth will allow a great number of mobile phones/PDAs to use the connection as well. The box along with one USB wireless adapter will cost £79.99 which is reasonably priced, and since it is an official Wanadoo product support will be available.

Wanadoo are emphasing the ease of set-up of the unit, it is meant to be a short five minute job even for the non-technically minded. Wireless security is built into the unit, both WEP and WPA. Additionally a simple two button association security control is provided to restrict access to only authorised devices. The unit we saw had two Ethernet sockets, a USB socket, and a PCMCIA slot for additional expansion. For those curious as to what it looks like pay a visit here.

Wanadoo broadband customers who are interested in the product can register their interest by emailing [email protected].


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