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MetroNet launches new £19.75 2Mbps service

MetroNet who are the grand-daddy of Pay As You Go ADSL services in the UK, has expanded its range to include PayGo2000. The service is contended at a ratio of up to 50:1 like most Home ADSL products, and offers up to 2Mbps download speeds for £19.75 inc VAT per month.

MetroNet operates its PayGo products on the basis that they are bundled with a 201MB allowance, and each MB above this incurs a 0.265 pence charge, until a price cap is reached. The price cap on the PayGo2000 service is £36.75, which for essentially an unmetered service is a very good price.

The pricing range means that on quieter months, users are able to save money compared to many other providers. A price cap price means that there are no worries about massive bills, you know what the maximum will be, even if you download 100GB in the month. The products carry a short three month contract and an activation fee of £59.53. A very handy 'Usage Calculator' is on their site allowing you to estimate what your average bill will be.

The pricing is very keen, and makes a mockery of many of the other metered products that larger providers are trying to market. For those wanting a bit of speed, but are on a tighter budget they also offer a PayGo1000 service, ranging in price from £16.75 to £28.75.


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