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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for June 2004

For another month, Eclipse has retained the top position at the top of the speed test league at 456.4 Kbps, comfortably ahead of Virgin.Net which climbed from 9th to 2nd position by increasing its average speed by 8.6 Kbps. On average, the top ten speeds have remained at the same level with a small decrease of 0.99 Kbps downstream accompanied by a rise of 1.74 Kbps upstream.






1 Eclipse Internet 456.4 Kbps 238.5 Kbps 1729
2 453.6 Kbps 237.6 Kbps 1158
3 supanet 452.9 Kbps 238.0 Kbps 745
4 Nildram 451.7 Kbps 236.7 Kbps 1457
5 PIPEX 450.3 Kbps 234.2 Kbps 3484
6 Freedom 2 Surf 449.8 Kbps 232.1 Kbps 980
7 Zen Internet 448.7 Kbps 233.2 Kbps 917
8 PlusNet 448.4 Kbps 233.2 Kbps 1641
9 Wanadoo UK 445.8 Kbps 235.8 Kbps 3104
10 BT Broadband/Yahoo! 443.7 Kbps 233.0 Kbps 6047

One surprising change is the fall of Zen Internet from second to seventh place dropping 5.7 Kbps. The general number of speed tests seems to have dropped to varying degrees between 11 and 28 percent mostly although Zen has been particularly unlucky with many users who usually get high speeds going away on holiday early it would seem, so we may see a rise again in the not too distant future.

In the usual fashion, we would like to remind users to choose a provider based on a variety of information sources and data, and not to rely on speed tests alone.

Previous months' results can be found here [seb]


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