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Nildram latest ISP to offer price reductions

Nildram is one of the latest ISPs to revamp its product range. Their entry level 0.5Mbps 'Pay As You Go' service dsl500 has been reduced to £15.99 per month. Two new PAYG services have also been introduced, 1Mbps for £23.99 and 2Mbps for £31.98 (all prices include VAT). The Pay As You Go products are conveniently capped at £26.66, £35.99 and £45.99 per month respectively. This should help to avoid the worry of unexpectedly high broadband bills.

Nildram has retained its previous classic product range, and has actually removed the bandwidth caps that it did have in place on the 1Mbps and 2Mbps products. The class range also sees a reduction in prices, of upto 20%. A summary of the new prices is shown below:


Cost per month

Bandwidth allowance

dsl500 PAYG £15.99 1GB or 50hours
dsl1000 PAYG £23.99 1GB or 50hours
dsl2000 PAYG £31.98 1GB or 50hours
dslSurf500 £22.99 No caps
Classic dsl500 £25.99 No caps
Classic dsl1000 £34.99 No caps
Classic dsl2000 £44.99 No caps

All the services carry an activation fee of £58.75, but for existing ADSL users free migration is available if you have a compatible service. Additionally existing Nildram users have the option of free regrades to move around the product range. The new pricing is due to come into effect after July 13th 2004. For those looking at the PAYG products, the cost of extra bandwidth is £3.90 for every 2GB, until the capped price is reached.


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