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ntl Freedom Broadband launched

NTL have now added Freedom Broadband to their package of Freedom services. Freedom Broadband is an ADSL service that is available outside of the existing NTL cable service franchise areas. NTL has actually been a player in the ADSL field using various BT Wholesale DSL services for some time, particularly as the provider behind the Virgin Broadband service and the just launched Tesco ADSL service.

NTL Freedom is a bit different to most packages, as NTL are bundling £15 worth of call credit each month with the 0.5Mbps service which costs £29.99 (inc VAT) per month. The ADSL service is based around a 12 month contract, with the added bonus of a free modem and free connection. Also to buck the current trend there are no bandwidth limits on the service.

The telephone call part of the package relies on you using NTL as a CPS (Carrier Pre-Selection) service on your standard BT phone line, and offers a simple 3p (daytime), 2p (evening) 1p (weekend) tarrif for UK phone calls.


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