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Wimbledon on broadband

Increasingly, more and more events taking place are taking advantage of the streaming multimedia capabilities of broadband to bring Internet users closer to the event. We have seen the TV show Big Brother continue to offer live streaming over broadband to subscribers of a Channel 4 Broadband Pass at £4.95 per month and even Wimbledon, which was recently in the news for its switch to a Linux server platform, is broadcasting over the web, has now started broadcasting key matches and highlights.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club which operates the Wimbledon Championships tournament has signed a two year deal with BT Rich Media to deliver the content to the web for Wimbledon Plus subscribers including matches, daily previews and highlights as well as interviews and behind-the-scenes features and more.

"This is yet another milestone for Wimbledon. We're using state of the art technology to provide the perfect complement to our live TV feeds. Our partnership with BT Rich Media is designed to provide a wealth of extra content for the fans, so that they can relive key highlights and watch interviews after the game, putting them firmly in control. Moreover, this is not just throughout the two weeks of play but for the rest of the year too."

Rob McCowen (Marketing Director), The All England Lawn Tennis Club

Replays of key matches are available on the BT 'click&buy' micro-payment system where viewers can watch a match for 50p. Continuous access to all of the Wimbledon Plus content is available for £5, but BT Broadband and BT Yahoo! Broadband customers can access the content entirely free of charge. Some freebies are also available and can be found here.

Of course, BBC Sport is offering free access to commentary from BBC Five Live along with highlights. [seb]


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