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Home 250 ADSL service on horizon again

Web User has highlighted that a BT Wholesale Home 250 service is likely to enter public trials during July 2004. The wholesale pricing will be £8.40 (exc VAT) on the capacity based charging model, or £12.25 on the traditional charging model.

The pricing means that it is only around 75 pence cheaper to the ISP than the Home 500 product, and therefore is unlikely to be massively cheaper to the actual user. The capacity based model is unlikely to offer much in the way of savings. Apparently BT Wholesale is preparing the product due to feedback from ISPs that would like the product. One can only guess that the ISPs are trying to get closer to the average dial-up connection price to tempt more people onto ADSL, and then tempt them again to upgrade.

BT Home 250 has actually been on the back burner since July 2003, lets hope the much awaited Home 2000 product does not follow a similar timescale. If the product is really to drive the conversion from dial-up to ADSL, then the biggest hurdle which is the £50 activation fee would be a much better charge to lower, rather than fiddling with the odd pound and producing crippled broadband products.


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