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Regrading your ADSL has just got cheaper

One of the factors holding back many people from upgrading to the faster 1Mbps or 2Mbps products was reduced by BT Wholesale when a change to the regrade fee effective on 1st June 2004. The new regrade fee is £11+VAT, previously it was £35+VAT. Details of the price change are on BTs ServiceView website here.

The reduction in fee covers speed regrades, and switching from an engineer installed variant, onto the wires-only variant. So now the fee from BT IPStream 500 (USB) to BT IPStream Home 1000 is just £12.93. The fee is also the same where people are downgrading the speed of the connection.

This price change only applies to IPStream based wholesale products. Currently a commonly asked question on our forums, is when will the migration be available from Datastream to IPStream products. At present dates of between July and November are been mentioned by various providers.


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