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More SDSL expansion on the way?

Fujitsu is singing the praises of its GeoStream Access Gateway which has been used for the to date limited roll-out of SDSL services by BT Wholesale to around 150-200 exchanges. The Geostream system is currently used in 1200 of BTs 2650 ADSL enabled exchanges, and therefore in theory the upgrade to offer SDSL services is just a case of the addition of a SHDSL line card module.

With the ever increasing growth of homeworkers, small and large businesses are both looking for higher upstream speed services at lower pricing than leased lines. The problem is that currently SDSL is available to fewer places than ADSL was way back in 2000. The pricing of the SDSL services may alter in the future too, since the wholesale pricing for this is going down a similar capacity and usage based charging path that the ADSL services are currently treading.

If you are a business crying out for higher upstream speeds then contact with your service provider, they are able to feedback to BT Wholesale where abouts the demand is coming from, and this may influence where the SDSL services get rolled out to.


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